Contact Lens Evaluation


Contact Lens Evaluation

You have the option of having your contact lenses evaluated during your complete eye exam today. This service is not included in the exam but is a very important step in maintaining your eye health. One of our contact lens specialists will evaluate the fit of the lens, the condition of the lens and the change in the power of the lens, if needed (the power is usually different than that of your glasses). Improper fit of the lens can cause various problems including damage to your cornea. We will check to see if your lenses have any rips or tears and will check the cleanliness of the lenses.

If you do not have your contact lenses with you, we may be able to do enough of this evaluation by checking the shape and health of the cornea to determine if the lens is still correct or needs modification. If not, we will be happy to re-schedule this evaluation for you at the check-out desk today.

There is a cost of for this evaluation and is not covered by most insurance companies.

Please check below:

_______ Yes, I do want a contact lens evaluation

_______ No, I do not want a contact lens evaluation; therefore I will not receive an

updated contact lens prescription.

Vision Service Plan Members:

If you are a Vision Service Plan (VSP) member, this fee may be counted towards your yearly allowance. Please be aware that this will reduce the funds available for your materials purchased at The Eye Care Center, J.G. Optical or elsewhere. Please let us know if you would like us to apply this charge to your allowance or if you would like to pay the fee when you check-out today.


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