What to Expect During your Laser Vision Consultation

Thank you for visiting our office.  We are glad you have taken the time out to learn more about our Laser Vision Correction to see if you are a candidate.  Below, are the steps involved in a laser Vision Consultation:

1. An ophthalmic technician will take a complete history, looking for what your goals and fears are with the procedure.  Information will be gathered of specific eye problems, systemic illness and family history.

2. Your vision will be checked without and with correction.  It is better if you come in wearing glasses and not contacts.  Although it is helpful if you bring in any information you have about your contacts.

3. We will measure pupil size in dim and bright light, corneal thickness and dominant eye.

4. Depending upon your interest, we will either give you a video or show you a film about Laser Vision Correction giving you a brief overview. 

5. You will then meet Dr. Ditkoff who will explain whether or not you are a good candidate and which procedure he feels is best.  Dr. Ditkoff will go through risks of these procedures, as well as what to expect realistically with Laser Vision Correction.  There will be time for you to ask Dr. Ditkoff any questions concerning these procedures.

Contact Us.We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the quick contact form.